Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q : Does it work with a MAC / Linux PC?
    A : Yes but you may need to download a video client which plugs into Firefox.
    One such client is Video Lan Client (VLC). This may work with other browsers YMMV.
  • Q : Why can't I view the recordings in Firefox?
    A : You need to download and install the Firefox Media Player Plugin
  • Q : How do I make the recording full screen?
    A : You have several options
    • Double click on the preview window in your web browser.
    • Right click on the preview window and select "zoom - Full Screen"
    • Click "Open in Stand-Alone Windows Media Player" - [If you have this option a link will be displayed beneath the preview window]
  • Q : Why do I get no search results?
    A : Generally a search term is required, a blank line will not suffice. Try entering an * in the search box and trying again (Even when using "More Options").
  • Q : How do I burn a Unitube video to DVD
    A : Please see our Buring to DVD Instructions
  • Q : How do I add video content?
    A : Please see our Uploads Instructional Video.
    Don't forget to double click preview to make it full screen.
  • Q : Can I use Unitube off-campus?
    A : Unitube is available worldwide [subject to copyright restrictions].
    At present you will need a valid University of Huddersfield username & password to view any content.